How to Create Marriage Biodata Online on your Mobile/Laptop

Hi ! Today we are going to learn how to create a marriage biodata online. Making a beautiful matrimonial biodata online is now very easy. For this we are going to use the free and quick editor available on the website - MarriageBiodata.App.

Using MarriageBiodata.App you will be able to create an attractive and professional biodata in less than 5 minutes in 3 easy steps. Bonus Tip at the end- Read till the end on how to get the biodata on Whatsapp instantly for free.

Step 1 - Click on the link - MarriageBiodata.App. Click on 'Create My Biodata' button on the top of the page.

Step 2 - Fill in all your personal, family and contact details that you want to show on your marriage biodata in the editor. You can edit all the section headings / field names. You can add as many sections/ fields as you want. Once done, click on 'Choose Template' button. Fill Details You want to show on your Biodata

Step 3 - Choose the template that you like. You might need to pay for some of the templates. Depending on your choice you will see one of the 2 buttons -

  1. Free Template - If you have chosen a free template you will see a 'Generate Biodata' button. Click on this button and your biodata will be ready.
  2. Paid Template - If you have chosen a paid template you will see a 'Checkout and Generate Biodata' button. Click on this button and complete the payment. Choose Your Favourite Template

Step 4 - Once your biodata is completed you will see the success message - 'Yay! Your Biodata is Ready'. Click on the 'Download Biodata' button to download the biodata in PDF. Download Biodata

Bonus Tip - To get your biodata on Whatsapp instantly, enter your whatsapp number. If you are from outside India, make sure to change the country code using the flag button on the left of the phone number field. Once done, click on 'Send to Whatsapp' Button.

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